Why choose me?

Quality through specialisation

I gained my skills in this field in an in-house position at a German company that specialises in these areas only. The end clients were some of the top CROs (Contract Research Organisations) in Germany, and indeed in Europe. While I was there, I translated documents pertaining to clinical trials all day, every day. I also had training in the principles of GCP (Good Clinical Practice). This gave me an in-depth understanding of this field.

Specialist text types

The text types that I translate in the field of clinical trials include:  

  • ICF (Informed Consent Form)
  • PIL (Patient Information Leaflet)
  • SPC / SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics)
  • Medical reports / discharge reports / surgery reports
  • Communications between EC (Ethics Committee) and the Sponsor / CRO

Text types that I translate in the more general field of medicine include:  

  • Magazine articles (especially on nutrition)
  • Marketing materials
  • Scientific articles

Sponsors and CROs can't afford delays

When you book a translation with me, you get an accurate, fit-for-purpose translation. But that’s not all you get. You also get my understanding of the needs of sponsors and CROs. For example, I understand that translation errors, or inadequate translations often lead to a long back and forth with the ethics committees. I can help you avoid this with my backtranslation service. I will flag up any potential problems with the first translation (the one being checked through backtranslation) early on, and help you understand how these problems can be remedied. This saves you time and effort, and helps you get approval more quickly.